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Dog Training: The late Bubber Cameron trained dogs all his life and has handed down to his sons, Rush and John, his experience with gun dogs. It is our belief that using lots of birds and repetition makes a bird dog enjoy his job. We can do this because the strongest birds will survive and establish themselves on our hunting grounds and will ehance our hunts during hunting season.

The ample space and plentiful birds year 'round make for a perfect situation to guarantee that a dog in training has maximum field conditioning and bird exposure.

The ability to work your dogs year ' round is provided by the number of Artesian wells on the property. With plenty of water, dogs can get the opportunity to cover large areas.

Facilities are available for both boarding and conditioning dogs.PUPPY TRAINING
Puppy Training: Our puppy program has had articles in Gun Dog Magazine and many newspapers. This program has made some of the finest bird dogs for us as well as many of our customers. This program takes puppies straight from weaning to a pen in the middle of the preserve by themselves. Then every day we take birds out to them and let them chase them around where we usually have coveys on the grounds. By doing this, everything that is natural comes out in the pup. This manner of training is far too expensive for most trainers due to the expense of the amount of birds that are used. But to our preserve, it helps to establish coveys on the hunting grounds with the strongest birds released.

Rush Cameron
John Cameron

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